Future Thinking

I am often asked how you build an innovative organization like Taylor County Schools. In her January 4, 2016 blog post in Strategy+Business Lisa Bodell gives us the benefit of her experience in helping organizations “forward think.”

Here are the five steps she describes:

  1. Go micro. Understand the developing microtrends and understand their impact on the various departments in the organization.
  2. Annual scenario review. Look at political, societal, environmental, technological, and legal changes that will occur within whatever time horizon you select and develop scenarios that respond to those changes.
  3. Make the future tangible.
  4. Retain a technology scout. Early adopters are aware of advances in technology long before anyone else. The tech scout is an early adopter who can make unusual connections between new technology and your organization.
  5. Tap into academia. In an educational organization these are the researchers. Programs and program delivery should be informed by research and data. The key to disruptive innovation is making the connections between what is known and what is possible.

Disruptive innovation in education is never easy, but creating a forward thinking culture is a solid first step in the right direction.

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