The Six Spoke Wheel of Personalized Learning

Taylor County Schools delivers their program in six different ways depending upon how each student learns best. This is the banner that hangs on the wall of the board room.

My publishers have been great throughout the entire process of taking a manuscript to final product. There has been one glitch and that has to do with the figure on page three that has been difficult to correct. If you have already ordered or received a book with an unusual diagram on page three, just print this slipsheet as an insert into your book. I am sure most of you have figured it out, but just in case this is the corrected diagram for the six spokes. Thanks for understanding.img004

Leadership Finesse

In his post in Synapse Richard Kississieh talks about school leaders leading with a small rudder.

From the coxswain’s seat, a school leader may read the race and the river, set timing and tempo, anticipate turns, and pull on the tiny rudder when needed. School leaders play a vital role in successively shaping many small aspects of a school to consistently support a vision for teaching and learning.

In Every Child, Every Day I describe a superintendent and staff that appear larger than life, but upon reflection I realize that they had the good sense to understand they were steering with a small rudder, not using a blunt instrument. Superintendent Roger Cook said of naysayers in one interview, “If they think we haven’t dealt with everything they have to deal with, they’re out of their minds!”